The Kabuki Face Mask was chosen as the official gift
of the G7 Ise-Shima Summit


The Kabuki Face Mask was selected as the official gift of the G7 Ise-Shima Summit 2016 for more than 4,000 guests including delegates from the participating countries and foreign media staff.

“Creating a new Japanese gift and promoting Japanese traditional culture Kabuki” – this is the reason why we began developing the Kabuki Face Mask. After multiple iterations, we finally launched this Japan-made high-quality product in December 2013.

We truly appreciate and thank our customers for the daily support we receive; without them, we would have never been selected as the official gift at the summit.

About the G7 Ise-Shima Summit


The G7 Summit is an annual meeting attended by the heads of government of the seven countries along with the presidents of the European Union to discuss global issues from political economy to international security.

For the first time in eight years, the summit was held in Asia, at Ise-Shima, known for its historical Ise Grand Shrine and surrounded by a magnificent view of the ocean and nature.

Participating Global Leaders


  • Shinzo Abe

    Host Leader Japan
    Prime Minister Shinzō Abe

  • Barack Obama

    The United States
    President Barack Obama

  • David Cameron

    The United Kingdom
    Prime Minister David Cameron

  • François Hollande

    President François Hollande

  • Angela Merkel

    Chancellor Angela Merkel

  • Matteo Renzi

    Prime Minister Matteo Renzi

  • Justin Trudeau

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

  • Donald Tusk

    President of the EU
    Council Donald Tusk

  • Jean-Claude Juncker

    President of the EU
    Commission Jean-Claude Juncker

We have received warm congratulatory messages
from partners of the Kabuki Face Mask

Kabuki Face Mask Special Advisor Kabuki Actor Somegoro Ichikawa

My hope is for people around the world to have fun with Kabuki. Kabuki, a Japanese traditional performance, has been entertaining its audience for more than 400 years. It was quite recently that I started thinking about how to share Kabuki’s unique style, born out of its long history, with a wider audience. I am grateful for Kabuki’s unique makeup style, “Kumadori” that has been transformed into the Kabuki Face Mask, to see everyone enjoying it. It is also extremely exciting that the Kabuki Face Mask was selected as the official gift at the Ise-Shima Summit; a special occasion for Japan to welcome the global leaders. I hope that people around the world can have fun with Kabuki, through using the Kabuki Face Mask.

The story behind collaborating with Somegoro Ichikawa

Originally, our company had strong confidence in developing cosmetic products. However, to create a new Japanese gift, we had to seek the support of someone who was well informed of the traditional performance “Kabuki.” We could not think of anyone better than the top Kabuki star, Somegoro Ichikawa and fortunately, Mr. Ichikawa was eager to work together with us to promote Kabuki as a special advisor. Mr. Ichikawa advised us on choosing the right “Kumadori” makeup to develop our mask.

  • Kozue Kojima

    Ideation / Design
    Designer and Art Director

    Kozue Kojima

    For more people to enjoy and love the Kabuki Face Mask, I will continue to give my support towards this trend!

  • Yasuhiro Nakamura

    Tokyo Midtown Management Co., Ltd.

    Yasuhiro Nakamura

    I am extremely happy that the Kabuki Face Mask, that made its debut through the Tokyo Midtown Award, was selected as the official gift of the G7 Ise-Shima Summit.

  • Aki Ishii

    Beauty entertainment magazine
    “VOCE” Editor-in-Chief

    Aki Ishii

    Congratulations to the Kabuki Face Mask for being selected as the official gift of the Ise-Shima Summit. Isn’t it funny just imaging all the head of countries using the product with a “Kabuki” face?!

  • Shigeru Miyatake

    Tokyu Hands MD Planning
    Department General Manager

    Shigeru Miyatake

    When I first saw the face mask at the meeting, I just knew from the start that it would sell; call it a buyer’s instinct. We are equally excited to have the opportunity of selling a product that has been selected as the gift of 2016, representing Japan.

  • Kotaro Sugano

    Loft Merchandising Department

    Kotaro Sugano

    I am happy to hear that Kabuki Face Mask has been selected as the official gift of the G7 Ise-Shima Summit. We are looking forward to seeing the production of other similar products that everyone in the world can enjoy!

  • Atsushi Ooi

    Japan Institute of Design
    Promotion President

    Atsushi Ooi

    Congratulations on the great news of being selected! It is safe to say that the product is very suitable for promoting Japanese culture, as it has authenticity in its design and story.

  • Junko Abe

    Isshindo Honpo Kabuki-za Store
    Store Manager

    Junko Abe

    The product has been popular among Kabuki fans and others since its launch. We are grateful that the product has been selected as a gift of such worth, thanks to our customers.


Kabuki is one of the Japanese traditional performing arts with more than 400 years of history. In 2005, Kabuki, representing Japanese general art, was proclaimed as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It originates from “kabuku” meaning extraordinary and is said to have originated in the early Edo period as the “Kabuki Dance,” performed by a lady in Kyoto named Izumo no Okuni wearing an eccentric outfit. With some historical development, current-style Kabuki evolved where all roles including women’s roles played by male actors. Kabuki attracts its audience with various elements including profound stories, glamorous colors, music featuring shamisen (three-stringed Japanese musical instrument), stage settings with various tricks, and instant changes of roles. This is what makes Kabuki THE Japanese entertainment.


Kumadori is a special stage makeup worn by Kabuki actors to express unique characteristics of the roles they play. Various colors are used to highlight visible veins and facial muscles. The colors used in Kumadori are red, indigo, black, and brown, and are used depending on the roles. Red Kumadori is used for noble characters with courage and justice while indigo, black, and brown are used for corrupt characters, vengeful ghosts, and devils. Kumadori makeup is applied by the actors themselves; therefore, you can also enjoy the subtle differences of the same Kumadori pattern worn by different actors.


Use it on cleansed and dried skin.
Remove the sheet mask from the pouch, and unfold it gently. (The sheet is made from material that does not tear easily).
Both sides provide the same effect for skincare. However you can enjoy the vibrant kabuki design if you place the mask with the brightly colored side facing outwards.
Hold the mask up by the temple parts on either sides, then put it in place Over your face starting from the eye holes. Using your fingertips, sett he mask in place. For a better fit, start from the middle and work outwards.
You are a Kabuki star now with the mask. Enjoy a relaxing time and take a selfie!
Remove the mask after 15 - 20 minutes. Massage the remaining serum until it has been completely absorbed. For oily skin, rinse off with water.

4Key Features

Point.1Safety for Skin

Our priority is to prevent color bleeding on the face and ensuring safety for your skin. We conducted multiple experiments and developed our product combining special inks and printing technology. The product has passed skin irritation and patch tests to ensure safety for your skin.

die-cut technology and design

Unlike regular non-printed facial masks, the Kabuki Face Mask requires special die-cut technology to cut the printed materials and non-woven fabric. After various iterations, we overcame challenges and perfected our product. We also consulted with Kabuki actor Somegoro Ichikawa to create an authentic Kumadori design.


Point.3100% Skin Friendly Cotton

The Kabuki Face Mask is a premium product using cutting-edge Japanese technology. The raw material is made of 100% cotton linter, with silky and curly short fibers. The Kabuki Face Mask is made to absorb the lotion and fit perfectly on your face.

Point.4Absolute Beauty Ingredients for Moisturizing your Skin

Key ingredients include hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamin C derivative combined with an extract from three Japanese plants including tea leaves, the Satozakura flower, and camellia seeds. The Kabuki Face Mask can help you revitalize and moisturize your skin.


How was this unique product born?

A face mask made by a Japanese confectionery company!?

Isshindo Honpo originally started out selling Japanese confectionery using natural ingredients. The Kabuki Face Mask project started when we were invited to open our new shop inside the newly-opened Kabuki-za Theater. We began to want to create “a new Japanese gift”, not limited to Japanese confectionery but something that can also share the fun and enjoyment of Kabuki.

The beginning with an award-winning idea at a design competition

A few months later, we discovered the original Kabuki face mask idea that won an award at the Tokyo Midtown Award design competition. As we found out that the initial manufacturing plan had failed, we immediately asked for permission to gather the idea into an actual product.

Establishing a value chain with 7 manufacturers with unique technologies

We initially approached more than 10 cosmetic manufacturers in Japan. However, none of them were able to manufacture the product by themselves because the production required highly specialized technologies. We decided to work with 7 manufacturers of different specialties, based on a division of labor.

Celebrities on Social Media!
To the point where production could not keep up with demands.

Impactful images with the Kabuki Face Mask went viral throughout the media and created high demands. Even those who were hesitant about posting selfies were updating their social media statuses. Models and celebrities around the world were also posting images and to this day, the Kabuki Face Mask is widely known around the world.

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